** ** CAEP Applications Received ** **

CAEP Applications Received

As of 9/1/2021

There are two lists below:

  1. Complete Applicationssorted by teacher last name
  2. Complete permits sorted by sponsor
  3. Permits received that require additional informat
  1. Approved applications sorted by teacher last name
  2. Approved applications sorted by sponsor and then by teacher last name
  3. Applications received that have not been approved because they are incomplete or the applicant is not qualified

We can accept PDF attachments only (no photos and no embedded documents)

We have not yet begun processing applications for the 21/22 school year. Please check back later.

3 Responses to ** ** CAEP Applications Received ** **

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  2. Sonia Nuss says:

    I’m curious. How do I find this list?


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