Picking Up Eggs From Warm Springs Hatchery

Teachers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties receive eggs from Warm Springs Hatchery. Here are special instructions for to confirm your egg pick up.

1 week prior to egg pick up – Call OR email to confirm you will be picking up eggs:

  1. Call (707) 433-6325 between 9:00am and 3:00pm; or
  2. Email R3CAEP@wildlife.ca.gov
    1. Include the following information:
      1. Teacher(s) Name
      2. School Name
      3. Best Contact Phone Number
      4. Pick Up Date (this must be the same as on your application)
      5. Pick Up Location (see below)

Note: You MUST receive a confirmation either via email or voice to voice contact confirming your egg pick location for the following week.

You May Select Any Egg Pick Up location

  • Warm Springs Hatchery: 3246 Skaggs Springs Rd, Geyserville CA 95425 –(707) 433-6325 – Available for Pick-Up between 10:00am and 3:00 pm
  • Sonoma County Water Agency: 404 Aviation Boulevard, Santa Rosa CA 95403 – (707) 484-9518 – Available for Pick-Up between 10:00am and 5:00 pm – Please contact David Berman if you want to pick up after 2 PM (david.berman@scwa.ca.gov) or (707-484-9518)
  • Coyote Valley Fish Facility: 1229 Lake Mendocino Dr, Ukiah CA 95482 – (707) 462-7756 – Available for Pick-Up between 10:00am and 3:00 pm

On the day of pick up

  • Bring a small ice chest to transport the eggs
  • You may have another person pick up the eggs for you

About Ethan Rotman

Ethan Rotman (Bayareatic) manages and coordinates programs that hatch fish in classrooms for the San Francisco Bay Area. He also chairs the committee that manages these programs throughout the state. Ethan has worked with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for over 20 years.
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