Teacher Resource: Aquatic Invasive Species

AIS_kit_web2This toolkit is for use in nonformal science centers in the Western region of the United States. It is one component of the Aquatic Invasions! A Menace to the West package of curricula and outreach materials put together by the West Coast Sea Grant Programs.

Aquatic Invasions! A Menace to the West toolkits are designed to facilitate hands-on opportunities so that visitors to nonformal science centers can explore this global issue through a regional lens. The kit provides interpreters and naturalists with relevant and engaging resources, along with effective strategies for engaging the public in citizen science projects that are suitable for classroom use as well as nonformal education settings.


For more information, contact Linda Chilton.

About Ethan Rotman

Ethan Rotman (Bayareatic) manages and coordinates programs that hatch fish in classrooms for the San Francisco Bay Area. He also chairs the committee that manages these programs throughout the state. Ethan has worked with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for over 20 years.
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