My Class Is Getting Ready For Trout – One Teachers Story

Gearing up for another year of “trout season,” as we call it in my classroom, is exciting. Normally, I have my lesson plans out about now and I am reviewing them so that I can speak with confidence at the training. This year, however, I’m getting a short delay because our egg delivery date is moving back a bit. I have to admit I’m really excited about this. First off, I’m expecting the weather to be a bit warmer for the release, and this is a very good thing! It is always so chilly and windy on our release dates that I’m really hoping the extra few weeks will give Mother Nature enough time to turn the thermostat up a couple of notches. Truthfully, however, I think I’m more excited to have the training so much closer to the delivery date of our fertilized eggs. I remember my first year with the trout delivery looming, I felt so unprepared and nervous that I was going to mess up and kill all the eggs. I must have called my sponsor at least ten times in December alone! Then I waited and waited after the holiday break for the eggs to arrive and when they did I forgot how to play Oh! Trout! And I forgot that great art idea I was going to do after we wrote our water poetry. And then I forgot to call the newspaper and tell them about my release date and all the great fun and easy to run activities that I was going to have at the release. I did however, remember how not to kill the eggs (dark and cold!!) and how cool the entire unit was – and for that…well, I’m just glad I took notes. This year will be easier though. All the ideas, games, activities, energy, thoughts, and creativity will be fresh and exciting still because the training is closer to the delivery date. I can’t wait to see what us teachers turn out this year!


Amy Di Maggio M. Ed.

7th Grade Science Teacher

O’Hara Park Middle School

Oakley, CA


About Ethan Rotman

Ethan Rotman (Bayareatic) manages and coordinates programs that hatch fish in classrooms for the San Francisco Bay Area. He also chairs the committee that manages these programs throughout the state. Ethan has worked with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for over 20 years.
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