Egg Alevin Rainbow Trout poem

Egg Alevin Rainbow Trout

began in the water

and never came out.


His first name was Egg

‘cause he started out small

in an orangey egg

that was only this tall!


Mama looked for a place

where the water ran clear

and, nearby on the banks,

tall shade trees grew near


With her tail, she dug

a gravelly bed

for her eggs

and you’re right

if you call it a redd!


Papa, he covered

the eggs with milt

and hoped the stream

wouldn’t bring any silt.


When he hatched

came his second name, Alevin.

His head came out first,

then his tail and his fins,


a yolk sac on his belly,

so heavy and round,

he couldn’t swim up much,

just wriggle on the ground.



After a while,alevin

he was all buttoned up,

able to swim free

and ready to sup!

He ate mayflies and crayfish

as he swam about

and grew into his last names

Rainbow and Trout.


He lived out his days

in the cool and the deep,

and except when he went for a fly with a leap,

Egg Alevin Rainbow Trout

began in the water

and never came out!


Ruth Rotman works in the Kindergarten at Novato Charter School

About Ethan Rotman

Ethan Rotman (Bayareatic) manages and coordinates programs that hatch fish in classrooms for the San Francisco Bay Area. He also chairs the committee that manages these programs throughout the state. Ethan has worked with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for over 20 years.
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