Picking Up Eggs From Warm Springs Hatchery

Teachers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties receive eggs from Warm Springs Hatchery. Here are special instructions for to confirm your egg pick up.

1 week prior to egg pick up – Call OR email to confirm you will be picking up eggs:

  1. Call (707) 433-6325 between 9:00am and 3:00pm; or
  2. Email R3CAEP@wildlife.ca.gov
    1. Include the following information:
      1. Teacher(s) Name
      2. School Name
      3. Best Contact Phone Number
      4. Pick Up Date (this must be the same as on your application)
      5. Pick Up Location (see below)

Note: You MUST receive a confirmation either via email or voice to voice contact confirming your egg pick location for the following week.

You May Select Any Egg Pick Up location

  • Warm Springs Hatchery: 3246 Skaggs Springs Rd, Geyserville CA 95425 –(707) 433-6325 – Available for Pick-Up between 10:00am and 3:00 pm
  • Sonoma County Water Agency: 404 Aviation Boulevard, Santa Rosa CA 95403 – (707) 484-9518 – Available for Pick-Up between 10:00am and 5:00 pm – Please contact David Berman if you want to pick up after 2 PM (david.berman@scwa.ca.gov) or (707-484-9518)
  • Coyote Valley Fish Facility: 1229 Lake Mendocino Dr, Ukiah CA 95482 – (707) 462-7756 – Available for Pick-Up between 10:00am and 3:00 pm

On the day of pick up

  • Bring a small ice chest to transport the eggs
  • You may have another person pick up the eggs for you
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Teachers Can Write Poetry Too!



H20 is fluid and clean

Rain falls and travels quietly down the river

Wet river flowing clean

Wading a slow flowing stream

Cold blue streams flowing to the sea


Drought dry lakes

Turbid flows seep from flood-drenched hills

Rain fills the river and fish thrive

Keep the river fresh and clean


H2O stands for water

Fish love clean water

Oxygen provides life

Flows throughout life

Riffles, riffles everywhere


Wet fish in a drought

Clean river give life to fish

Clear fluid bubbling with life

Fish making bubbles








Water, river, oceans, and life

Alameda Creek roaring full

Warm, cool, life

Without water-no life

Take the plunge if you dare


Wondrous water is wet

Fluid rivers rebound from drought

H20, rivers, oceans, H20

Fluid rivers wet and clean

Condensing misty droplets


H20. Exotic. Diverse life.

Rivers bubbling with life

Helping fish

Rivers flowing, reservoirs growing

Fluid waters of rivers flowing into the ocean

Water: strong and beautiful



Thanks for all the creativity.

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2 Changes In Policy

There have been a two changes  in policy  I want to share with you.

  • Length of time eggs/fry may be held: As of this year, fry must be released no later than 8 weeks from the date of egg delivery. In the past, fry had to be released within 6 weeks of hatch. This new policy is simpler and more definate – it was difficult to determine the day of hatch. Keep in mind the longer you hold the fish in your classroom, the greater the risk of mortality. We continue to encourage release as soon as the fry button-up to decrease mortality.
  • Returning your permit after release: After you release your fry, you must return your signed permit within 2 weeks. This is a firm deadline. We suggest you fill out your form immediately following release, make a copy, and return the original either to CDFW directly or to your sponsor.

These changes are statewide in scope and apply to all teachers hatching fish in California. Please let me know if you have questions.

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Marin Teachers – Important Release Information

Teachers in Marin wishing to release at Bon Tempe Reservoir (or Lake Lagunitas) on Mt. Tam need to reserve a time slot through the Marin Municipal Water District.

This new requirement is needed as we expect 75 classes to release fry in a very short window of time.

When you register, you will be asked to request your preferred date and time of release. MMWD staff will do all they can to ensure you get your first choice, but please be flexible.

In addition to receiving free parking passes, teachers may also request programs and materials to enhance their release experience.

Priority will be given to teachers who register by January 29, 2016.

If you have questions, please contact Ethan at (415) 892-0460.

Application to request your release time

If you are releasing at Scottsdale Pond in Novato, you do not need to complete this form.


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Make A Watershed With Crumpled Paper

crumpled paperHatching fish is a tool to help students understand the role they play in protecting (or destroying) our precious natural habitats.

This simple activity is a fun way to help students grasp the concept of what is a watershed and how human activities can impact natural systems.

washing a watershed

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Trout Quilts

quilt debbie doreen smallDo you and your students want to join in the national trout/salmon quilt project?  It’s an opportunity for a class to share their Trout-in-the Classroom story with other classes, and to connect with other classes across the country!

Each participating class decorates quilt squares – 8” x 8” pieces of fabric, usually about 25 total – and send them to the other participating schools.  In return, you’ll receive squares from around the country, which you can sew together. Here is a photo of last years quilt.

To participate,  sign up via google form by February 1st.  Signing up is a commitment to make and send out the ~25 squares.  You’ll have about a month to decorate the squares and write letters to your fellow TIC/SIC classes; squares will be due out to the other schools by March 4th.

Detailed instructions are included in the PDF file attached to this note.  That way, if you wanted to get started early on your craft project, you totally can!  Remember, this year’s theme is COMMUNITY.  See the attached file for more information.

A more detailed set of instructions and full mailing list will be sent out by February 8th.  This year we are creating quilts that do not need to be washable.  This expands the types of media you can use on your quilt.  It does not need to be waterproof, but should stand up to many excited students handling the square when they receive it.

To sign up, click here to fill out the form by February 1st.

Please let Ethan Rotman, program coordinator for the San Francisco Bay Area know if you are participating  (ethan.rotman@widllife.ca.gov) . You may consider asking your sponsor to help cover any costs in purchasing materials.


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CA Water Challenge – Teach About Water While Being Eligible To Win Money For Your Classroom

Cal Water H2O Challenge Registration Open

The Cal Water H2O Challenge is back for its second year with $10,000 available in educational grant prizes! Developed by California Water Service (Cal Water) in collaboration with the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and with expertise from the WestEd K-12 Alliance, the Cal Water H2O Challenge is a NGSS, common core aligned, project-based competition seeking to enhance students’ understanding of water-based science concepts. Classrooms in grades 4-6 at a school within the Cal Water service area are eligible to compete.

The grand-prize winning class will receive a $3,500 classroom grant and an all-expense paid NatureBridge nature exploration trip to the Santa Monica Mountains. As an added incentive, classrooms that register by the Dec. 31, 2015 deadline will be entered for a chance to receive a $500 teacher grant. Twenty such grants will be chosen by lottery.

Registration Deadline:                        December 31, 2015

Extended Registration Deadline:       January 15, 2015


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